Alex Morgan hopes to play in Tokyo 2020 Olympics after having her baby

Entertainment News  Published on November 8, 2019

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USWNT striker Alex Morgan has expressed her desire to take part in next year's Tokyo Olympic games after giving birth to her healthy baby.

Recall that the star announced late in October that she and her husband (MLS player Servando Carrasco) are expecting their first child.

Now Morgan has told USA Today that she desires to compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in July, just months after her daughter’s expected due date in April.

“I hope to get back on the field as soon as possible,” Morgan told USA Today. “After having a healthy baby, I want to get back with the national team and look forward to playing in Tokyo.

“There are so many women that have been able to come back to their respective sport after pregnancy and continue to have a successful family while playing the sport that they love at the highest level,” she said.

“I plan to follow in those footsteps and be one of those women who have a family and carry my daughter around as I’m going to the next city to play,” Morgan added. “And I still want to continue to enjoy the sport that I’ve been playing for all my life.”

Alex Morgan and Carrasco