After hacking Barcelona's twitter account, look what hackers revealed about Neymar

Football News  Published on February 16, 2020

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Barcelona confirmed on Saturday night that their Twitter accounts was hacked. The news came after after their 2-1 La Liga victory over Getafe. The tweet reads this way:

FC Barcelona✔@FCBarcelona

FC Barcelona's Twitter accounts have been hacked, which is why messages from outside our club have appeared, and which have been reported and deleted. The tweets were made through a third-party tool for data analytics.


8:55 PM - Feb 15, 2020

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This is the very second time the account would be hacked.

The hackers who referred to themselves as OurMine group bragged about their abilities and boasted that everything is hackable. They made their proclamation via the tweet:

“Hi, we are OurMine. Well, this is the second time, the security level is still not the best.”

​​​​​“Hi, we are OurMine. Everything is hackable.”

The hackers also revealed that Neymar Jr. looks likely to return to camp nou. They even had a picture of the Brazilian in Barca’s home kit along with some question marks.

The post read this way:

“Well, we read some private messages and it looks like Neymar will be back here”