Verona chiefs threatens to sue Mario Balotelli for claiming to be racially abused

Football News  Published on November 5, 2019

Law Blessing

Verona governing body have threatened to call for legal action against Brescia forward Mario Balotelli for allegedly defaming the club's image amidst claims of racial abuse by the player.

The former Manchester city striker claim to have heard some form of 'monkey chants' by Verona fans aimed at him, which led to his kicking the ball into the crowd and consequently walking off the pitch. But Verona Chiefs said there was nothing like that, insisting that he only heard the chants' in his own head. Sounds strange right!

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, four city councillors have put forth a motion to propose that "the mayor and the legal offices of the municipality should take legal action against the footballer and all those who attack Verona by unjustly defaming it."

"It is no longer fair that Verona is put in the dock when, as in this case, nothing happened"

Balotelli has not been the only player to have recently experienced racism in Italy, others like Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly and Romelu Lukaku of Inter Milan has also been abused by these people. Are these things happening in their heads too?