6 mild symptoms of Coronavirus no one told you about

Other Stories  Published on March 25, 2020

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Most people usually look out for signs like a fever, sore throat, persistent dry cough and some other severe effects of Coronavirus. But there are some other subtle effects of the virus that usually go under the radar.

Six of these lesser known symptoms have been documented in National Health Service (NHS) official website, and they are quite similar to those of other common illnesses and conditions. Below are a list of them:

Loss of sense of smell and taste

Physical fatigue

Mental fatigue

Lack of appetite

Tummy ache

Sore eyes

It is strictly advised that anyone with the above symptoms should stay at home away from anyone around or self-isolate.

Also, if you have these symptoms and you are concerned about what next to do, please access the NHS 111 website for more information.